Why Counselling & What to Expect?

Counselling can help to develop a deeper self-awareness as parts of yourself become visible through exploration.

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Why Counselling?

  • Confused and Overwhelmed
    You may be considering counselling because you are overwhelmed and confused. Counselling provides a supportive and confidential space to address your concerns, or confusion. Through sharing your stress and concerns you can come closer to unravelling where you are now and where you would like to be in the future.
  • Struggling With Big Decisions
    You may be considering counselling because you are struggling with big decisions. With counselling, you will gain insight into your experiences, feelings, thoughts and actions and with a new perspective can feel less stuck as your choices open up.
  • Feeling Stuck / Can’t Find a Way Forward
    You may be considering counselling because you are feeling stuck and can’t seem to find a way forward. I can support you in finding a path through, with a clearer sense of what feels right and supporting the process of change
  • Carrying a Heavy Load
    You may be considering counselling because you know you are carrying a heavy load and don’t know how to lighten it. Without the time and energy to deal with stresses, it can be difficult to find a way back to ourselves. Sharing worries, painful feelings and experiences help to lighten the load on the journey.
  • Regret & Guilt
    You may be considering counselling because you don’t feel good about yourself and how things have turned out. Counselling can help you find a bridge towards self-compassion and enable you to feel more complete and less alone.
  • Avoiding & Dealing With Painful Feelings
    You may be considering counselling because you know somewhere you are avoiding dealing with painful feelings. Counselling gives these feelings a safe place to be acknowledged and heard rather than be turned away.

How many counselling sessions will I need?

You may find that within a short amount of time, usually around 6 to 12 sessions you feel able to cope better and will want to end counselling.

It may be that what bothers you is not an immediate issue and you are looking for a deeper level of change, to explore the elements creating your whole experience of relationships and being in the world.

Longer-term counselling gives space to uncover what may lie at a deeper level, allowing more time for what is really bothering you to emerge.

What to expect

Counselling sessions are 50mins.

I offer face to face, online or counselling by phone. Whatever suits you best.

Sessions usually take place at the same time each week in quiet space that allows privacy and confidentiality.

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Kirsten currently works in a quiet space out of the Gather Rooms near Lewes
and The Hive, Lewes High Street

Gather Rooms
Gather Rooms

Gather Rooms Location

The Hive, Lewes Location

Counselling Services in East Sussex

Counselling can give you a foothold to step back and pause, before exploring new paths, a new way forward; the one that feels right for you